Reed Hello this is Reed, I came in with my brothers and sister and wonder if we ever going to find a new home. We do love it here though sooo many of us here I have 4 others I came in with. At first I did not play a lot with the others but now I like get rough and wild at times. I also like to surprise the hoomans with an attack here and there then I run and hide.

I love soupie and n-bones and if I can push my fat brudder outta the way I like kibble too Orijgen stuff and Wellness Core. Dad is also trying to clean our pen when we in here so he need rubber gloves and cleaning supplies and litter yes even though some of the others like to play in the litter boxes I know what they are for. I like finding a bog hammie or cube to crawl into with a lot of others cause when you sleeping on top of other ferrets it is very soft. We could use help buying soupie stuff and treats like n bones, bandit treats and pickle juice and poopie pumpkin stuff.

Also get Bri another pair of shoes cause the other kids here ated hers. Dad does so much laundry so supplies would help or a maid. There are 50 of us here I never seen soo many other ferrets before and our group is hewg with 36 so we need a larger food bowl or trough. And help with vet bills cause there are some old ferts around here. Lub ya all Merry New Year and Happy Christmas hmm yeh dats it
Please Send Gifts to:
Bon Temps Ferret Rescue

Thank you for all your help and support of the little ones. We have made great changes in the past year or so and now rarely have them in cages so playpens are used and could always use more to increase play areas overall.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Murrillo
Broussard Animal Clinic
103 Broadmoor Blvd,
Lafayette LA USA 70503
Telephone (337) 988-5022

Reed has a Santa.


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