Lilly Ok first of all I am Lilly I am a princess and I will let you know I expect to be treated as such. I came in with four others and they are my subordinates as are all the others. If I want my soft spot in the bed they better wait until I am comfy before they climb in. Do not disturb my sleep or I will let you know it. Other than that I am an angel too I do not cause trouble after all I am only a lil over a pound in weight,,,how could I cause any trouble look into my eyes,….how could I cause any trouble,,,,stare deeper into my eyes,,,I do not cause trouble.

Ok now that I have you wrapped in my cuteness I like soupie and soft big cubes or the beds with a small hole to crawl into so my big brothers have to stay out. I will say who is allowed in there. I do share my pickle juice and treats so any of those would be tasty with the soup tooo. I like small stuffed toys and rubber duckies and wonkies. I promise I will share if I have to. Dad and Bri clean up a lot of poop so if you can help him with Walmart and Tractor Supply cards would work tooo. And vet bills,,,there are so many older ferrets here Thank you for helping and I send you kisses.
Please Send Gifts to:
Bon Temps Ferret Rescue

Thank you for all your help and support of the little ones. We have made great changes in the past year or so and now rarely have them in cages so playpens are used and could always use more to increase play areas overall.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Murrillo
Broussard Animal Clinic
103 Broadmoor Blvd,
Lafayette LA USA 70503
Telephone (337) 988-5022

Lilly has a Santa.


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