Charlie Charlie is a 6 year old Dark-eyed white boy. He's a big boy,and quite a character. Charlie was surrendered 2 years ago. His previous owners veterinarian had suggested euthanasia after a diagnosis of lymphoma.
Upon examination my vet of 20+ years found that Charlie simply had an enlarged spleen. Charlie is one of my free-roams, who LOVES being rubbed, scratched, tickled. He adores ear rubs. He's a love bug. Charlie also loves climbing into a huge tub of beach sand where he tries to dig to China. He climbs up on my bed and sneaks underneath the covers to sleep.
He's a bit quirky, he adores fresh, clean bath mats or carpet squares to sleep on, with a piece of fleece fabric as a blanket. He also loves Marshall's Ferret Diet, Wysong Arch.2 Ferret Diet, Purina ONE chicken and Purina Kitten Cow. He also loves soups of most any variety, Chicken Bandit Treats and Ferretone.

Wish List: Gift cards for PetCo, PetsMart,, Wal-Mart. Fleece blankets, fleece fabric, scented baby wipes. Ferretone, N-Bones, Chicken Bandit Treats, Crocheted eggs.

Donations may be made to our vet, Dr. Michael Zuccaro, at Brook Run Animal Clinic. (804)262-8621.

Donations can be made directly to the shelter through PayPal Marleneblackburn123@gmail.comĀ 

Please Send Gifts to:
Richmond Ferret Rescue League

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Michael Zuccaro
Brook Run Animal Clinic
7416 Broom Rd.
Richmond VA United States 23227

Charlie has a Santa.


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