Arya Dear Santa,
My name is Arya - I am two years old and I live here with my brother Casper.
I am trying really hard to work on my shoe addiction but it is a girl thing you know…. Some girls wear them; some girls chew and stash them…. I hope that doesn’t land me on the Naughty List – I am trying very hard not to chew the expensive ones!
My favorite things in the whole world include my brother, chewing shoes, playing, and EATING. I need to eats lots and lots because I play hard and I’m a scrapper – just a few weeks ago with the help of shelter Mom I fought off whole hordes of bloodthirsty fleas!!!!
The only thing that scares me is maybe the food disappearing again – that was bad when there was none but so far here there seems to be lots – if you could help make sure it stays that way until we find our forever home that would be WONDERFUL!!!! Maybe I could have my own bowl with my name on it so I don’t have to share with other ferrets ….? That would be extra special for sure!
And maybe…. If you have an old pair of your boots you want to leave by the chimney….. It could be our little secret!

Love & Kisses,
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret rescue Society of Ottawa
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Daren Auger
Carling Animal Hospital
2268 Carling Ave
Ottawa Ontario Canada K2B 7G1
Clinic will accept credit card donations to Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa Account by phone - please ask for Jayne

Arya has a Santa.


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