Coco Coco lost his home due to a house fire and entered the shelter in the fall of 2013 with his cagemates that have since passed away. Leaving Coco by himself but no worries he didn't stay alone for long. He made new friends with Eddie and Charlie. All 3 are currently in a wonderful foster home. They love Stella and Chewys, crochet eggs and nice comfy and fluffy beds.

Shelter Needs

Natures verity cat raw boost (ORIGINAL RECIPE)
Wysong EP
Purina one kitten (chicken)
Stella and Chewys (chicken,duck, turkey, or salmon) (dog or cat) BIGGEST NEED They love this stuff.
Evangers ferret (any kind, wet)
Baby food (chicken or turkey with gravy)
Poopin pumpkin
Marshall's ferret food

Marshall's Peanut Nutter Bandits

Crochet eggs
Dangly hangy cage toys
Plush backpack clips

Paper towels
Clorox wipes
Laundry detergent (free and clear)
Fabric softener (snuggle liquid or free and clear sheets)
Spic an span spray cleaner (antibacterial)
Equine pine PELLETS
Dishwasher pods
Dish soap
GARBAGE BAGS!!!!! ( tall kitchen type cause I can't lift the big black bags anymore)
Baking soda

Office Supplies
Computer paper

Gift cards

Giant eagle
Pet supplies plus
Please Send Gifts to:
Healing Hearts Ferret Rescue

Some ferrets are in foster homes. Please contact us for proper mailing address per ferret.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr.Alice Toriello aka Amazing Woman
Metropet Veterinary Clinic
298 N Rocky River Dr
Berea Ohio United States 4r017

Coco has a Santa.


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