Jack Dear Santa,
My name is Jack! I think it was very mean to make wear this hat for my picture and you should put Shelter Mommy on your BAD LIST!!!!
I’m a pretty easy going little dude most of the time – don’t hang out much with other ferrets but love play time with the humans! I hear you are a pretty nice human and I’m supposed to leave a snack out for you so I will leave my favorite – Peanut Butter Bandits and Ferretone – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
If you need to burn off some calories after all those snacks I highly recommend racing through tunnels – it is a wonderful game.
Please Santa – when you visit – could you “accidently” take that hat with you?
Your friend,
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret rescue Society of Ottawa
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Daren Auger
Carling Animal Hospital
2268 Carling Ave
Ottawa Ontario Canada K2B 7G1
Clinic will accept credit card donations to Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa Account by phone - please ask for Jayne

Jack has a Santa.


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