Lilly Hello, my name is Lilly! I came here with my four other brothers and sister. We came from a bad situation, but I don't really let much bother me. My favorite things to do are eat, adventure, eat, cuddle, eat, eat again.... Did I mention I LOVE food?! I'm still just a kit, and since coming here I get all the food I could ask for! I already weigh as much as the adult males here! Even though I like to play and explore (I find THE best hiding places!) I still like to cuddle and kiss the humans. I like little humans too, they seem to play even more than the big humans!For Christmas, I would love anything I can eat or play with; bonus points if I can play with it AND eat it! I would also like some stuff I can share with my other Ferret friends here such as: any toys (we don't have restrictions because no one here at the moment has problems with chewing toys/fabric), any bedding or blankets (we LOVE fleece blankets! Our shelter mommy is also good at making things like beds and blankets for us, so you can even send just fabric!), gift cards to Amazon (we have a wish list there, you can email our shelter Mommy if you want the link to it!), Wal-Mart or Smith's (everyone here is on a raw diet except Tish, and those places are where our shelter Mommy gets meat), Pooping Pumpkin, Carnivore care, duck soup, a few high back large litter pans (we have competitions to see who can poo the highest! It's hilarious watching the humans clean after!), etc. Really, we will be thankful for anything anyone chooses to get us, we know what it's like to live without and love everything the humans give us (except those nasty bandit treats; no matter what flavor the humans get, we won't touch those or any other treat the humans have tried!). Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!
Here's our wish list:

If you wish to purchase raw food for us, there are sites you can do so such as my pet carnivore and hare today gone tomorrow.

Please send gifts to:
316 Del Aker Rd NW
Los Ranchos, NM 87107

PLEASE leave your name and address (unless you wish to remain anonymous) as we want to send anyone who wants to be our Santa a thank you card!! We are the ONLY ferret rescue in our city, and one of only two in the state; your help and support is greatly appreciated more than you can imagine!
Please Send Gifts to:
King's Ferret Rescue

8 are raw fed but kibble supplemented with wysong kibble. 3 will only eat wysong/Orijen kibble. Please send gifts to: 316 Del Aker Rd NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107.Here's our wishlist:
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Shirley Russman
9901 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque New Mexico USA 87111
Donations to vet bills can be put on Ashley King's account (owner, founder and primary caregiver)

Lilly has a Santa.


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