Roxy Hi,
I'm Roxy,aka Teeny Tail because I've had two chordoma surgeries and my tail is 1" long.I'm about sevenish and I love to eat and nap,play in the peanuts and sleep in the tubes.
On my Christmas list is a gift card to for delicious Wysong canned duck,balls for the ball pit(brother Toby chews then squishes them)and a new thruway.I have been a very good girl except if someone gets in MY alligator or passes me in the tube and I make newbies feel welcome.
XXOO Happy safe holiday Roxy TT
Please Send Gifts to:
4 Li\'l Paws Ferret Shelter

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Krogman
Northside Animal Hospital
Arah St
Hooksett N.H. United StatesSUS

Roxy has a Santa.


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