Smokey Merry Christmas to all,
I'm Smokey. When I came into the shelter I NEEDED emergency surgery for bladder stones.It went well but sometimes I dribble and Mom kept me in the shelter after being returned.I use pee pee pads and am pretty good about it.
I love to play and run tubes,would a Santa send me a new thruway please.I would also like pee pee pads for Mom,as they are bulky a gift card to Petsmart or Ocean State Joblots would be great.(they have the most absorbent ones Mon says.
If you live in N.H. you can come play with me,or check out the 4Li'l Paws facebook page to see me.
Love Smokey
Please Send Gifts to:
4 Li\'l Paws Ferret Shelter

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Krogman
Northside Animal Hospital
Arah St
Hooksett N.H. United StatesSUS

Smokey has a Santa.


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