LAFL Millie
LAFL Millie Hello, I'm Millie. I'm almost 4 years old and little silver girl. I was given up in November 2016 because my former owner didn't have enough time to care for me. I came in with two friends, Fanny and Violet, but Fanny died earlier this year from Lymphoma. I love to hang out in the cornstarch peanut box and burrow down to hide. One day the shelter mom thought I had gotten out of the ferret room because she couldn't find me anywhere! She watched me after that and noticed I liked to hide within the cornstarch peanuts! The jig was up! No more hiding for me! Violet and I would love a new round bed that can attach to the cage like Rose German makes ( or the ones from Snoopy's Snugglers ( I know the shelter also needs new sleepy sacks that attach to the cage since the shelter kids go through them!

Please send any gift to:

c/o Melanee Ellis
323 Exeter Avenue
Eugene, OR 97404

If you'd like to help all the ferrets in the shelter, here are some things we need:

Ferret Nation shelf, floor and ramp covers (Rose German makes ones with velcro that are really great!)
Cuddle Cup beds like Rose German makes ( or the ones from Snoopy's Snugglers (
Sleep sacks that attach to the cage.
Hammocks or hanging beds that can provide total darkness.
32 oz Lixit or Oasis water bottle(s)
FerretLax or any cat laxative
Totally Ferret Complete Care Supplement
Any flavor of Bandit treats (raisin, banana, beefy, chicken, peanut butter)
Gift cards from any of the following:
PetCo, PetSmart, Costco, and Drs. Foster and Smith
Wysong Epigen 90 Digestive Support
Orijen Cat/Kitten food
Zupreem Ferret Food Original No Grain Free please!
Costco's Kirkland brand Cat Maintenance food
Mazuri ferret food
Dr. Fosters and Smith Superior Choice Original Ferret Diet
Crochet eggs, Derby eggs, or Squiggies
Balls and toys that jingle or make some other sound
Small plushies to stash!

Won't you please help me to have a good and happy Christmas?
Please Send Gifts to:
Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sean Barrett
Santa Clara Animal Hospital
2510 River Road
Eugene OR USA 97404

LAFL Millie has a Santa.


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