FIGARO Hi everyone, I am Figaro. I am about 4 years old and I am kinda a shy guy. I came to live at Friskybiznus when my owner decided he didn't want me anymore and put me out on the street. Luckily, his neighbor saw him do it and rescued me. Whew!
I don't have a tail cause I had a big growth right near the base of my tail, so my vet took it off. I also developed cataracts in both eyes, so I don't see real good. Still, I enjoy a good run through the tubes and a wrestle with Yuki.
Mommie calls me her teddy bear cause I am big a fluffy and hugable. I serve as her therapy (or comfort)animal too, which I like.
This year all us sanctuary ferrets are asking you to help our mommie. She is such a good rescue mom and she always puts us first before her own needs. She worries about having enough food, treats, supplies and vet care. So that is what we want. We have so many nice bedding sets and tons of nice toys, but the day-to-day supplies are what she really worries about.
See, mommie has an illness called fibromyalgia. She has some other problems, too, that made her have to quit her job last year. She enjoys running the sanctuary, but she just needs help with the things that go with running a sanctuary!
I thank you for reading my story and I hope you pick me!
FOOD (Natural Instinct Duck & Turkey; Natural Instinct Chicken; Totally Ferret Active; Totally Ferret TVL; Zupreem Regular only; Sheppard and Green; Marshall's; Stella and Chewy's Freeze Dried Raw - Duck Duck Goose, Chick Chick Chicken; Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets - Turkey)
TREATS: Bandits (any flavor); N-Bones; Blue Wilderness Cat Treats (Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Turkey)
SUPPLEMENTS: Pickle Juice, Ferretone, Salmon Oil
GROOMING SUPPLIES: Q-tips, ear cleaner, baby wipes
OTHER: Potty pads, paper towels, Clorox wipes

DONATIONS are welcome and appreciated. You may donate directly to our vet:
Dr. Dori Hertel
Loop 494 Animal Hospital, Kingwoood, TX

Please Send Gifts to:
Friskybiznus Ferret Sanctuary
We are a hospice/sanctuary and take in the sick, handicapped, lost. We are these baby\'s permanent home.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dori Hertel
Loop 494 Animal Hospital
22326 Loop 494
Kingwood TX United States 77339
WE have an account here, under Friskybiznus Ferret Sanctuary.

FIGARO has a Santa.


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