Bandit Bandit is a sweet older (at least 5yrs) sable hob who came to the shelter recently. He had been through several homes over the years & the lady who surrendered him to the shelter had only had him a few weeks. She rescued him from a bad situation, but could not properly care for him. He has cataracts in both eyes (100% blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other) & trouble walking, due to an old spinal injury is what my vet can best guess happened. We are doing acupuncture and lots of out time to help build up his muscles. Bandit is a love bug and we always find him snuggled up with one of the older ladies in the shelter group. He loves a warm bed to snuggle up in and while he isn't interested in toys, he does enjoy his food.

The shelter mix is made up of Orijen Cat/Kitten, Go Fit Free, Natures Variety Ultimate Protein and Purina ONE kitten. The kids enjoy ferretone, although we're working on getting them used to salmon oil.

Their favorite bedding includes Beds by Shelly (hammocks & beds), Staci's Crinkle Sacks and Isabella Gucci Jones items.

Toys are ALWAYS welcome - they go thru quite a few crocheted eggs, jingle balls of all types, small ferret safe stuffies, tubes & fishing pole toys with feathers or little stuffed critters is always a hit. But really, they will try anything at least one :)

LOCATION: Bandit is in the main shelter, as are Willow, Mumbo, Jumbo, Arya and Reggie, if you want to pick more than one ferret and save on shipping :)
Please Send Gifts to:
Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Assn
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Ellen Scholz
Boalsburg Animal Wellness
PO Box 317
Boalsburg PA USA 16827

Bandit has a Santa.


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