Cleo UPDATE 12/16/17: Unfortunately, Cleo went to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She will be greatly missed by her friends and foster mom.

Cleo is 6.5 years old. She came to the shelter with her cagemate Toby (who passed away 2 years ago), surrendered due to lack of interest/time. She is a bit reserved at first, but eventually warms up to you. After moving into foster care, she has finally made other friends. She is currently being treated for adrenal disease with a deslorelin implant.

Her list for Santa is any of the following - for food:
Orijen Cat/Kitten, Go Fit Free, Natures Variety Ultimate Protein & Purina ONE kitten.

For Treats: Ferretone, Salmon Oil, Pickle Juice

For Bedding: Beds by Shelly, Crinkle Tunnels by Staci and the Isabella Gucci Jones Collection.

For Preferred toys (anything safe, really), so far crocheted eggs, jingle balls, tubes, small stuffies and feathered/stuffed toy fishing poles.

LOCATION: Cleo is in the same foster home as Shadow, if you want to pick more than one ferret and save on shipping :)
Please Send Gifts to:
Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Assn
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Ellen Scholz
Boalsburg Animal Wellness
PO Box 317
Boalsburg PA USA 16827

Cleo has a Santa.


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