Arya ARYA (9/12) is a pretty darker roan jill. She was surrendered when her owners were moving, about a month after losing her long-term cagemate :(

She was a bit depressed when she first came here, but that quickly went away as she gets along well with other non-aggressive ferrets and is an absolute sweetheart. Arya loves to cuddle and play gently, especially with her new best friend, Willow.

Her list for Santa is any of the following - for food:
Orijen Cat/Kitten, Go Fit Free, Natures Variety Ultimate Protein & Purina ONE kitten.

For Treats: Ferretone, Salmon Oil, Pickle Juice

For Bedding: Beds by Shelly, Crinkle Tunnels by Staci and the Isabella Gucci Jones Collection.

For Preferred toys (anything safe, really), so far crocheted eggs, jingle balls, tubes, small stuffies and feathered/stuffed toy fishing poles.

LOCATION: Arya is in the main shelter, as are Willow, Mumbo, Jumbo, Bandit and Reggie, if you want to pick more than one ferret and save on shipping :)
Please Send Gifts to:
Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Assn
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Ellen Scholz
Boalsburg Animal Wellness
PO Box 317
Boalsburg PA USA 16827

Arya has a Santa.


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