Chubba Chubba was rescued by a lady in Milford. He needed major medical care for a urinary blockage, which can kill a little ferret quickly & painfully. Unemployed, she had paid as much as she could but the vet was not only refusing further treatment but legal action on the unpaid balance. FACT agreed to let her keep him as a Foster ferret and help cover his medical expenses. (He now sees one of the vets with whom FACT has billing agreements.) Chubba is about 6 years old now and is deeply loved, but he still has some health issues. He must have "soupie" several times a day to keep insulinoma in check and special food so he doesn't have urinary issues again. Chubba's Foster Mom would love a gift card to a major pet retailer (Petco, Petsmart, or Drs. Foster & Smith) for quality food or a donation made to the Angel Animal Hospital in West Haven, CT (phone 203-934-3536) toward his next checkup.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Association of Connecticut

Chubba has a Santa.


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