Capn Jack Sparrow
Capn Jack Sparrow Cap’n Jack Sparrow
One of my very original rescue kids, in a group of 4( now 3), he always has had stomach issues, since beginning. He was a material chewy, and came with a floating blockage, he taught me so much! He has had several blockages, only one blockage surgery( scary emergency), now has to be carefully monitored. He gets fed by hand 4-5 Times a day, warm soupie, Small pred, carafate and ranitidine....he has on & off days, some days it’s syringe fed, most days just spoon or held. He is a super sweet guy, approaching 8 years old( between 7-8 best guess) he loves his warm soupie, large soft sleep sacks, Fuzzy and soft his favorite. He enjoys tunnels, big cat/dog bed piles with others, and super soft blankies. His favorite foods involve Stella & chewys Duck Duck Goose Or chicken lickin salmon feline, and Wysong ferret FDR Archetype any flavor ....he also enjoys salmon oil, ( Mom prefers the non smelly type lol)...he needs lots of personal one on one time...he a super cute fur child ❤️
Please Send Gifts to:
Franks Fort Refuge
All hospice/unadoptables..sadly down from my 12 max we lost 4 and it's sad, these kids here are pricey with a variety of medical issues
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Irene Cote
Cote animal hospital
8915 Towne Centre Dr
San Diego Ca Usa 92122
We use Origen cat & kitten kibble, Stella & Chewys feline( favorite are Duck Duck Goose, tummy tickling turkey & chicken lickin salmon) , also Wysong FDR ferret Archetype any flavor, salmon oil, purebites cat treats chicken or turkey breast, nature’s variety raw noostbites in chicken, turkey or rabbit...we use lots of puppy pads, and paper pellet litter too, always paper towels, and wipes are appreciated

Capn Jack Sparrow has a Santa.


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