BILBO Bilbo is 7 years old. He is adrenal and has insulinoma. He has has a very rough life. An elderly lady bought him at a yard sale a few years ago along with his friend Scarlett. Sadly she passed away and so her granddaughter brought the 2 to us from Austin Texas. The 2 friends went to live in a foster home so they could be spoiled after all this. Then a few months later Scarlett passed away while they were both in a foster home. He has been sad after all this loss but he is a trooper and still has a zest for life. He still loves to cuddle and he now sleeps with his fellow foster ferrets.

Santa for christmas he has asked if you can please send him a big squishy bed and some soft blankets to snuggle in with his new friends also any toys that you think an old man would enjoy playing with and stashing. He would also love some Pickled Ferrets Pickle Juice for him and his friends to share and any plain freezed dried treats you think he might enjoy.

Santa please special mark his package with his name so he know which one is his to open.
Please Send Gifts to:
Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue
over 50 in foster homes as well as those currently at the rescue waiting for homes.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Wendy K. Dearixon DVM
Vickery Place Animal Hospital
2720 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas Texas United States 75206
donations can be made directly to our vet and placed on our acct. for any ferret in our care.

BILBO has a Santa.


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