Popcorn  *dook dook*
My name is Popcorn. I am 3 years old. I have a problem and that is I like to bite. I come to PNW because I bits my owners all da time and dey become scared of me Since coming to be with my foster mom I don't bites like I did but I can still sink ma teef in and hurts.
I have a beautiful soft coats but that is because I have one of those funny named implants Deslorelin for my adrenal.
I didn't really haves a name when I was given away so ma foster mom called me Popcorn because I bounce high and far all da time....go go go go dat is me.
My foster mom really needs fings like Wysong FDR, Stella & Chewys FDR for cats in da flavors Duck, Turkey or Chicken.
Ma other roomies and I we use the paper pellet litter along wif da potty pads cause we have a room to ourselves and we don't always like to stop playing to go back to the litter box.
I also dug a hole in da FN cage lining set for our double FN so mom is looking to replace that, we isn't fussy what color.
Hammocks, blankets and soft beds are always welcome too.
One of my roomies only eats Orijen Cat Kitten but I am not fussy like her and also eat the Wysong Digestive Support and Totally Ferret Chicken
If you choose me I will send you a virtual kiss and my mom will send you a Thank you note
Please Send Gifts to:
PNW Ferret Foster Family Group
This is a group of 21 foster parents who care for these fuzzies, it is not a central location but organized by 2 main ladies along with the support of the foster parents
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Krueger
All Creatures Animal Hospital
4242 State Highway 3 W
Bremerton WA USA 98312
Accounts are held by the independent foster parents but paid through the account Steven & Marina Ray

Popcorn has a Santa.


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