Skylar She is a light sable. Loves all toys. Was abused and malnourished when we received her. She is still skittish around most people. And is just getting used to being around other fuzzies. Loves to play alone in play pen.(which is now broken) :( she will only play with another fuzzy we have named Minnie.trying to get her to get more play time with others. She doesn't like to be high off the ground so she only sleeps in the ground hammock stands which I need to find another one or two.loves to wear warm clothes. Likes packing peanuts (ferret approved dissolvable ones) Likes cat toys that make noise and light up. Loves the mouse in the ball that chirps. Another picky eater. But loves FerreTone and pickle juice.Other likes and needs are listed below. And Merry Christmas and bunch of fuzzies kisses from all of our fuzzies!
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Indy Fuzzies

All fuzzies love picklejuice and FerreTone. Also need a *large ferret play yard with mat*. Ours are old and breaking .Things we use and Other needs are.. large puppy pads,flake bedding,corner litter box,play yard w/mat, FerreTone, Can send *gift cards* they are a BIG help.... We go to Walmart,,Target, (we get a lot of our stuff from Amazon from bulk items, to our toys and our big items ect.,pet supplies plus, petsmart,tractor supply plus( for litter and extra bedding). Earthborn food,Orijen cat food, bleach, Tide detergent,Downey, Clorox wipes, ear cleaner,Q tips,lots of paper towels,water and feeding bowls,blue buffalo, blue buffalo kitty treats,wellness core kitten food,soupies,pickle juice,poopin pumpkin,wood pellet litter,xxs harnesses and leashes(for daily walks they LOVE walks)turkey and chicken with broth(beech nut)baby foods,*new blankets and hammocks for cages*,natual cleaners (for cages), Most fuzzies love anything fuzzy and warm to sleep in. They are all very loving! A few are sick but getting better. Yay! They all love outside even in the snow. Just want to say thanks for caring enough to help out. Most people don't understand our little fuzzies! Happy Holidays from all the fuzzies and bless you!Happy dookins!

Skylar has a Santa.


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