NeNe Hi, My name is NeNe - I came from a spanish speaking family when my owner went away to college a little over a year ago. I received a suprelorin implant when my hair started to thin three months ago, and I really appreciate the nice warm coat I have now. I love my Beds by Shelly bed, and the fleece lined basket in the corner of my cage. I have very particular taste, and I will only eat Marshall's Ferret food, and my favorite toy is a bungee toy that was made by Becky Moffit.

My Shelter Mommy can always use gift certificates for Drs. Foster & Smith, Beds by Shelly & Mom, WalMart, Ace Hardware, PetSmart, Petco, PetsPlus, Bark Avenue -basically anyplace you can buy paper towels, cleaning supplies, wood pellets, or ferret food and litter. And our veterinary bill is in desperate need of contributions.

Thank you for looking at me!
Please Send Gifts to:
Little Rascals Ferret Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Paul Wagner
Harleysville Veterinary Hospital
391 Main Street
Harleysville PA USA 19438-2309
Client ID 17806

NeNe has a Santa.


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