Fifi My name is Fifi. I am a pretty little, sable-colored girl who shares a cage with Madison. I love to play chase and tumble with her. After my foster mother takes a shower I like to climb into the shower stall and roll in the water left behind. I will probably never be adopted because I have been diagnosed with adrenal disease. I was getting very sick from the disease until I received an implant that slowly releases medicine into my system. The signs of the disease have partially cleared up and I am now a very happy, playful ferret. I would love Santa to bring me some Bandit snacks, fleece blankets and a toy.

**All of the ferrets with Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services need food (Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten or Duck, Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline, Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken, Solid Gold Indigo Moon, Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain, and Wellness CORE Kitten). Carnivore Care, Drs. Foster & Smith or Petsmart gift cards for food or Walmart gift cards for cleaning supplies and Costco gift cards for medications. Puppy pee pads for our elderly ferrets. Also, fleece blankets are always needed!
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Fifi has a Santa.


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