Eloise ELOISE came to us with a slight cough that progressively worsened. X-rays showed an issue with her lungs unlike anything our vets had seen. She has been on meds ever since and her cough is better. Then recently she developed an aggressive growth that we performed surgery on, unfortunately it had attached itself too much and they were not able to get it all out. She is much more comfortable, but tires easy and her cough is coming back even with the daily medication. She has really enjoyed being packed around and snuggling lately.

Eloise would like a warm snuggle sling so she can be carried around - close and feeling loved. Eloise wants to tell her Santa, "Dook, DOOK!" and "Fanks you so much, Santa!"

There is also general stuff we could use, paper towels, litter, funds on the vet account with Dr Ramsel at NW Exotic Pet Vet, and of course food. We feed Totally Ferret Turkey, Lamb and Venison, Nature's Variety Ultimate Protein & Costco brand cat food, the purple bag.

Here is the link to our wish list from our web site: https://willamettevalleyferretshelter.org/wish-list/

Please Send Gifts to:
Willamette Valley Ferret Shelter
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Katrina Ramsell
NW Exotic Pet Vet
11876 SE Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
Beaverton OR USA 97005

Eloise has a Santa.


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