Hubert Huberts story started off very sad.
He was abandoned by his owner and passed around home to home before he found his way to FURS.
In all of our years of rescuing ferrets, we have never seen such a horrific external tumor as what was on poor Hubert.
On his neck was a bleeding, infected tumor the size of a golf ball. When Hubert would shake, blood would splatter everywhere.
We cleaned him up and got him to the vet ASAP to have it removed.
The days after were tense as we waited for pathology to tell us if it was cancer or not. Being an older ferret, we knew his chances of surviving treatment were slim.
Finally we received the GOOD news! He was cancer free!
Now, Hubert lives in a cozy foster home with several "brothers and sisters" to keep him company. His fur grew back in and you can barely tell the nasty tumor was ever there!
Hughie really likes crinkle toys and KONGS to play with!

**All ferrets in FURS eat a mix of Sheppard and Greene ferret food, Zupreem grain free, Totally Ferret, 8 in 1 Complete, Orijin Cat/ kitten food, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and Natures Variety Instinct.
We use Yesterdays News Fresh Scent and unscented cat litter and Marshall ferret litter.
Marshall “GoodBye Odor” for ferrets.
We can always use donations in the form of gift cards to pet stores, Drs. Foster and Smith,,, and Lowes *for wood stove pellets used for litter*
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Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services
We do not ship ferrets, nor do we breed.We rescued a large number of ferrets over the years. Some loved, some abused, some from homes where the former owner had no clue on care, but purchased the animal on impulse. We are dedicated to finding loving, caring homes for every ferret.\r\n\r\nAll ferrets are spayed or neutered BEFORE adoption.We turn no ferret away, no matter the health, age, or lack of training. Medical needs are met, and manners are taught. There are times when we are full and have a waiting list to be turned in.We believe that educating the potential pet owner is one of the most crucial things a rescue organization can do. This applies to both ferret rescues and other animal organizations. An educated pet owner can provide a safer, happier, and healthier environment for their pet, thus making both the pet and themselves a good match.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Frank Krupka
Avon Lake Animal Clinic
124 Miller Rd
Avon Lake OH United States 44012

Hubert has a Santa.


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