Rex Rex came in with Bubba & Nellie and he has adrenal disease, he is on implants and also has a wobbly gait that his former owners say he always had. He is doing well and enjoying our free range ferret room
We care for a dozen sanctuary ferrets, all are elderly, ill with seizures, adrenal, insulinoma, etc
Our Paypal is
We greatly appreciate direct donations, donations to our veterinarian directly, donations to Totally Ferret towards kibble, and always need Ferretone, Bandits treats and toys, we do have an abundance of donated bedding at this time. Thank you!
Please Send Gifts to:
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary
Critter Camp takes in only unadoptable small pets, we currently care for over 200 small pets of 20 species. Our ferrets have a free range large room they can play in all of the time. Our ferrets all are either elderly or have a chronic condition such as insulinoma, seizures, adrenal etc. \r\nMoney tary donations are greatly appreciated because we can buy in bulk at shelter discount prices. We have an account with Totally Ferret and use their kibble as well. We have plenty of bedding and hammocks but always need food, Ferretone, vet payments and $ Thank you!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Deann Atkins
Paws & Claws Clinic
3107 W Kunkle Blvd
Freeport IL United States 61032
Any donations sent directly to the Vet are greatly appreciated, be sure to note it is for Critter Camp\'s account. We have an outstanding bill of $3,000

Rex has a Santa.


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