Elsa - previous owner was beaten to death
Elsa - previous owner was beaten to death Elsa and her two friends lived in a bad situation. Her previous mom was beaten to death. A kind friend of the shelter worked with us to get custody of the trio and they are in the ferret underground. Sven and Elsa have had ongoing health issues and are on varioius medicines. We could use a donation towards their vet care or an Amazon Card to purchase special food for them. They are really grateful for anything a snuggly blanket, any bedding from Little Feet Ferret Retreat LFFR.
Please Send Gifts to:
South Shore Ferret Care Hospice
We have many hospice ferret this year that this Christmas may be their last. Please help by making a donation to the vet bills or maybe send a little something to let them know you care and they are not forgotten. We are the only \"Family\" they have - God Bless
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Susan Harrington
Randolph Animal Hospital
400 South Main Street
Randolph MA USA 02368
Many of our ferrets have multiple medical issues, are missing a eye or a tail, need dental care and medicine everyday. We want to ensure that they get anything needed. They will take donations over the phone: 781-963-2298

Elsa - previous owner was beaten to death has a Santa.


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