Mimi Mimi is a darling young fuzzie that was the was the baby of a young man who had to surrender her to us. He has checked in on her a few times to make sure she is doing well but he realized that he did not have the time or finances to take care of her long term. He turned her over to us with the agreement that she would now have a loving, permanent home , and that she would not be moved from home to home. As such she is a permanent resident of the shelter and a joy to for her and was satisfied when he found us that she would be well taken care of as well as loved. At 2 ½ years of age she is still a very active and playful baby.
She is often placed in the upstairs ferret room, but has to her enjoyment learned to leap the gate and escape. Once out of the room she runs through the house dancing with joy that she has managed to escape yet again. A bit naughty at times she also loves to poop in front of doors, leaving little squishy time bombs for any foot that is not paying attention.
A bit underweight on arrival she was bottle fed when she first arrived and now loved to eat her soup from a bottle and be cuddled as well. Since she is a free roam ferret , bedding like blankies and sleep sacks are preferred as she is not usually in a cage to use a hammock.

Here is a list of items that the shelter can always use as we go through lots of these:

Carnivore care
Pickle Juice ferret oil
Chicken or turkey baby food
Uncle Jims Duk soup
Potty pads & papertowels or gift card from Sams Club to purchase these
Wysong Ferret Epigen 90
Natural Gold ferret food
Evo cat & kitten chicken food
Nutro Kitten food
Bene-Bac probiotic paste/gel 30gram equine tube is most cost effective
Gift cards for Pet Supplies Plus, Wal-Mart , Sams and Dr. Foster and Smith
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Alexandria Mo
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Advance veterinary care
Dr.Sue Sculley
Hannibal Mo USA 63401
Dr Sculley has offices in Quincy Il and Hannibal Mo

Mimi has a Santa.


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