Koda Koda came to our shelter a while ago and was a bit fresh with her teeth. She had surgery on her tail and now has a half a tail. She lives in one of our foster homes her buddy Jake. They love to play and eat their soup. An Amazon Gift Card or a Ferret.com card would be very helpful to order special food for them. Koda is really grateful for anything and promises to share with Jake.
Please Send Gifts to:
South Shore Ferret Care Hospice
We have many hospice ferret this year that this Christmas may be their last. Please help by making a donation to the vet bills or maybe send a little something to let them know you care and they are not forgotten. We are the only \"Family\" they have - God Bless
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Susan Harrington
Randolph Animal Hospital
400 South Main Street
Randolph MA USA 02368
Many of our ferrets have multiple medical issues, are missing a eye or a tail, need dental care and medicine everyday. We want to ensure that they get anything needed. They will take donations over the phone: 781-963-2298

Koda has a Santa.


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