Scooter A lovely dark sable boy, Scooter has the cutest dark black nose imaginable. Unfortunately he tends to follow that very adorable nose right into trouble. In, out, up, down, away he goes looking for mischief , treats and girls. When his owner went away to college it was one place that he was unable to follow even though they were quite close to each other so he ended up in the shelter.
Scooter is now 6-7 years of age and has cataracts, but this does not seem to have slowed him down much. He seems to have trouble at times focusing on anything specific as there is obviously so much going on that is in need of his attention. He loves the ladies, following them around and sniffing and pestering them with his constant attention, this gets him in trouble as they do not seem to always like him as much as he wants them to!
The only time he slows down for a short bit is treat time, those are apparently worth a pause in activity. He likes N-bones and Bandit treats, but will not eat the raisin ones. He plays super well with the other ferrets, and though alone the first several years of his life, he acts like each ferret he meets is a long lost friend or girlfriend. Not a cuddly fuzzie he is not still enough to to cuddle, but will climb on you and often seems to enjoy standing on shoulders and observing the world around him from a new vantage point.He does enjoy scooting around with crochet balls and eggs, grabbing them between his paws and scooting backwards with them in search of a place to stash them.
He eats well, most of the time though he does pick out Marshalls ferret food , which was what he was originally eating but he will nibble of the other foods in the mix if he absolutely has to.

The items we can use most are the everyday items,
Paper towels (we go through tons of these)
baby wipes
sanitizing wipes
laundry soap & fabric softner (again we use a lot with all the bedding)
Treats - N-bones & Bandits
Probiotic paste/gel (Drs. Foster and Smith, 30g equine)
Wood stove pellets (or a gift card so I can buy these from Menards or Lowes)
ferret lax for hairballs
chicken & turkey baby food
Natures Miracle
Poopin Pumpkin or cans of pure pumpkin
Any kind of high quality ferret or cat food, we make up a large mix of foods on a regular basis!
Gift cards to, Dr's Foster & Smith, Totally Ferret, Wal-mart, Sams & Menards

Basic supplies like food, litter and cleaning supplies and soup ingredients are most desperately needed right now. Funds are extremely short as my husband just had to undergo brain surgery. He was ill and out of work all November and will be out of work for several months leaving little money right now for the basic supplies we need most on a daily basis.
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy, IL

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Klingele Vet Clinic
4601 Broadway St.
Quincy Il USA 62305

Scooter has a Santa.


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