Danny Danny is a big, loveable goofball. Danny is 5+ years old and I probably ruined a few adoptions for Danny...because he has a lifetime soulmate who bites like a sneaky, rabid snake. And wherever Danny goes,his biting partner would have to go with him. These 2 cinnamon brothers are almost joined at the hip. Danny is great to take out in public. His biter cagemate has a little more work ahead. Danny loves treats, bedding, toys, rice boxes...Danny just loves everything!

Wish List: Gift cards for PetCo, PetsMart, Chewys.com, Wal-Mart. Fleece blankets, fleece fabric, scented baby wipes. Ferretone, N-Bones, Chicken Bandit Treats, Crocheted eggs.

Donations may be made to our vet, Dr. Michael Zuccaro, at Brook Run Animal Clinic. (804)262-8621.

Donations can be made directly to the shelter through PayPal Marleneblackburn123@gmail.comĀ 

Please Send Gifts to:
Richmond Ferret Rescue League

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Michael Zuccaro
Brook Run Animal Clinic
7416 Broom Rd.
Richmond VA United States 23227

Danny has a Santa.


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