Mortdecai (Morty)
Mortdecai  (Morty) Hi there...I am Mortdecai...Morty for short. I am a very sensitive ferret, I like things to be placed a particular way in my cage and I get VERY upset if it varies. I don't like roommates and I totally stress out when another ferret comes to visit. I do love to go out to play with other ferrets but never kiss on the first date...I am bonafide bachelor! Still haven't found a girlfriend who can put up with my classic OCD... I lick the fur off my front legs when I get nervous. Now that I am four, I don't wish so much for toys at Christmas. I wish for soft and snugly things that will keep me and my naked legs warm...and A girlfriend maybe:)
(choose any of the following):
Pickle Juice, Ferretvite, Ferret Lax or Laxatone, Carnivore Care, Nupro, Foods/Diet : Natures Variety Instinct, Purina 1 kitten, Orijen, Wysong Epigenne 90; Instinct Raw Boost Treats (chicken or rabbit), Bandits treats, Chicken Chews Sticks, Bedding Set for Ferret Nation Cage, any Gift cards. And Santa please...I love crocheted Eggies
Please Send Gifts to:
West Coast Ferrets
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Marc Malek, DVM
Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital
4325 Auburn Boulevard
Sacramento CA USA 95841

Mortdecai (Morty) has a Santa.


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