Skeeter Skeeter is thankfully still here at the shelter. Out of the 3 boys that came in to the shelter several years ago he is the last one left. Unfortunately his youngest brother passed due to coccodia which they all had been exposed to before they arrived at the shelter. He then lost his other brother earlier this year to a nasty stomach cancer so he is the last of his group. On the plus side he is super loving and easy going and can be put in with any other ferret with no issue, he is happy just having a snuggle buddy and will easily go from cage to cage to sleep with any of the other ferrets.

Also known as Skeeter-Pie, a nickname coined by my husband, he is a very good eater, though with his advancing age he seems to have more trouble keeping on weight than he used to and he is losing some of the adorable plumpness that he used to have. He absolutely loves attention and being given treats and will beg and beg for more to the point it seems he is a bottomless pit. He is on daily soupies to help him keep on weight and to help give him his pred. He is a one of a kind ferret who, loves everybody and we are very glad to have here with us. He also still loves to be scratched behind his ears and will lay happily in your arms as one as long as you are rubbing him behind his ears.
He never meet a food or treat that he did not like, so anything that you send will be good in his eyes.

The items we can use most are the everyday items,
Paper towels (we go through tons of these)
baby wipes
sanitizing wipes
laundry soap (again we use a lot with all the bedding)
Treats - N-bones & Bandits
wood stove pellets (or a gift card so I can buy these from Menards
ferret lax for hairballs
chicken & turkey baby food
Puppy pads
Any kind of high quality ferret or cat food, we make up a large mix of foods on a regular basis!

Gift cards to, Dr's Foster & Smith, Totally Ferret, Wal-mart, Sams & Menards
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy, IL

Find us on Facebook under Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy IL
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Klingele Vet Clinic
4601 Broadway
Quincy IL USA 62305

Skeeter has a Santa.


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