Cyrano Hi, I am Cyrano. I was rescued from a flipper that just wanted to get rid of me because i was sickly. I was malnourished, had horrible diarrhea and no energy. I was misdiagnosed, given 2 weeks to live and recommended for euthanasia. The lady that rescued me, called my mommy and asked if she could help. When I arrived, mommy took me straight to Dr. Cavanaugh. I have insulinoma and I am allergic to chicken, but otherwise I am very healthy, now. I love my turkey soupies, it has made me fat! I asked Santa to bring me a new sleep sack, a walmart gift card(for more raw turkey), and a new soupie bowl.
Please Send Gifts to:
Kansas City Ferret Hotline
We normally have between 30 and 35 ferrets in our care. Most of our ferrets eat a mixture of kibbles, soupies, and/or raw.

Cyrano has a Santa.


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