Rye Hello, my name is Rye. I was surrendered when my owner's health went bad and could no longer care for me. I was originally picked up off craigslist, starving and in poor health. My mommy spent months nursing my brother, Whiskey and I back to good health. Unfortunately, i developed insulinoma, adrenal disease and cataracts in both eyes. My brother Whiskey looks after me. I have a deslorelin implant, but I am still nakey. I get cold easy and like plush soft hammies and blankets. Dear Santa, would you please put a new plush hammie and blanket under the tree for me, and maybe a new sweatshirt, too. For my Mommy, she could really use a walmart gift card to help purchase chicken and turkey for our raw soupies. Have a blessed holiday!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kansas City Ferret Hotline
We normally have between 30 and 35 ferrets in our care. Most of our ferrets eat a mixture of kibbles, soupies, and/or raw.

Rye has a Santa.


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