Lexus Hello out there...I am Lexus...or Lexie. My friends at the shelter say I am the luckiest little girl to be alive to meet Santa this year. I was found outside a pet store in a box in a shopping cart. The carts had been pushed together and the box I was left in was completely crushed. Luckily, someone discovered the bloody box and rushed me to the vet. The Doc said I was very fortunate to have only suffered injury to my bladder and a dislocated leg. They gave me meds and luckily, I didn't need surgery...but they told me to be if that was gonna happen! I am a one year old little kit and I bounce like popcorn in an air popper! I protect my healing leg by doing bunny-hops:) Within a couple weeks, I was zooming around like a Lexus should be! It is my first Christmas...I have heard about the Santa Claws...I hope he is the real deal...I would love to find some presents for me under the rescue tree!
Lexie's Wish List:(please choose from the following)
Pickle Juice, Ferretvite,, Ferret Lax or Laxatone, Carnivore Care, Nupro, Foods/Diet: Nature's Variety Instinct, Purina1 1 kitten, Orijen, Wysong Epigen 90,; Boost Treats (chicken or rabbit), Bandits treats, Chicken Chews Sticks, Bedding Set for Ferret Nation Cage, any Gift cards.  And Santa please...I love crocheted Eggies ❤
Please Send Gifts to:
West Coast Ferrets
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Marc Malek, DVM
Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital
4325 Auburn Boulevard
Sacramento CA USA 95841

Lexus has a Santa.


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