Carrot the Ferret just arrived here through a rather roundabout journey. When the couple she lived with split up several months ago the guy in the relationship decided to keep her even though the girl would have sent her to us since she was moving to a place where she could not take her. They originally got her from the local animal control where she would have been put down within days. She was skinny, missing fur and animal control had her eating food no ferret should eat.
The guy who kept her recently decided to move and no longer wanted to take care of her but thankfully we were able to get her to come here to us so she could get better care. On arrival I found a very skinny, bald ferret with a badly swollen vulva from adrenal cancer, mast cell tumor, and eating cat food in a wire cage with little in the cage for her comfort. A day later and a trip to the vet meant a lupon shot, mast cell tumor removed, soupies and diarrhea meds started. She is doing very well, lots of loose stools still in adjusting to better food but she is friendly, affectionate and quite active plus she travels well, as each visit to the vet is around 2 hours round trip.
Currently she is staying in a ferret playpen with lots of puppy pads as she tends to poop, (still diarrhea) on the floor, rarely making it to the pan. She is eating a mix of ferret foods along with bottles of soup every few hours. She could definitely use sleep bags, potty pads, blankies, probiotics and the ingredients for the making of soup.

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Carrot has a Santa.


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