COCO the Ageless
COCO the Ageless COCO is our grand old lady (8+ years old), but she is just now beginning to slow down – slightly. She has a medical issue and is on long-term antibiotics, but fares quite well.
She came with Zoe and Bandit to the shelter.
We are a very small operation so we specialize in unadoptable ferrets – ones that have medical issues, are biters, or have been mistreated, or are just at an advanced age.
Coco, like the other ferrets here, eats Evo Cat Food and Purrfect Bistro Cat Food (formerly BG).
They also LOVE Ferretone.
Cushy cuddle bags are always a welcome treat, too.
Thanks for looking!
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Shelter Northwest
We are a very tiny shelter that specializes in caring for unadoptable ferrets (i.e., ones with health or other issues).
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Alan Givotosky
Fair Isle Animal Clinic
17312 Vashon Hwy SW
Vashon Wa USA 98070

COCO the Ageless has a Santa.


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