Clyde Clyde and Bonnie were two of five adult ferrets rescued by a veterinarian -- and part of the Missouri rescues that reopened my shelter in August of 2016 after being closed for nearly two years. Bonnie and Clyde were the original breeding pair sold to our hero.

Clyde is a sweet, sweet silver and is a very kind gentle ferret -- despite his previous life as a breeding male with no comfort of bedding or the love of human contact. The subhuman kept them in a shanty of a cage with a wood box and no bedding. Food consisted of whatever meat was on sale at the local Walmart that week - fed once a day. Kept outside in the Missouri heat. Imagine...your life. We believe Clyde is also about 6 years old. Clyde is stronger than his Bonnie but the late stage adrenal and onset of insulinoma will take our sweet silver boy soon. Bonnie and Clyde are cuddled together in the warmth and comfort of bedding, clean cage, and soupies--above all else they are loved. Clyde really does love the N-Bones chewy treats..the shelter favorite. Clyde and his Bonnie would be grateful for anything this Christmas.
Please Send Gifts to:
Raisins From Heaven Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Heather Jones
Perry County Veterinary Hospital
908 South Kingshighway Street
Perryville Missouri USA 63775

Clyde has a Santa.


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