Huck I came in to the shelter with my brothers Tom and Finn. We actually didn't have names, so we got our names at the shelter. We lost Tom a while back, which made us sad. We buddied up with Pixie, so there are 3 of us to keep each other warm and to play with. I have insulinoma and have to take two different yucky things twice a day to make me feel good. I don't have lots of energy but I like to explore. I really like my soupies and raw. I also get a mix of dry kibbles. I like cushy beds to curl up in. I would be happy with anything you want to send me. Thanks!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kansas City Ferret Hotline
Our ferrets are scattered through various homes, as we are a mobile shelter. We utilize various high quality dry kibbles, which we buy online and give our ferrets soupies and/or raw. We always appreciate anything that we receive for our ferrets.

Huck has a Santa.


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