Dolly My name is Dolly. That's me on the left! I'm about 7 years old. My sister Holly and I came into the shelter just after we lost our sister Molly. Our family fell on some hard times due to medical problems and couldn't take care of us any more, so they called the shelter so we could go someplace safe and happy. I still love to play. Holly and I take good care of each other. I really like my raw and soupies and my kibble mix. I love soft, cushy blankies. Whatever you want to send me would be nice. Thanks!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kansas City Ferret Hotline
Our ferrets are scattered through various homes, as we are a mobile shelter. We utilize various high quality dry kibbles, which we buy online and give our ferrets soupies and/or raw. We always appreciate anything that we receive for our ferrets.

Dolly has a Santa.


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