Snickers I am a little old man who just came into the shelter. My mom was too young to know how to take good care of me. Plus, when she got me, they told her I was a young ferret. I didn't mind. I'm still handsome. When I got to the shelter, my shelter mom noticed right away that I had adrenal disease and insulinoma. Now I have to take the yucky medicine. I need an implant, but we'll have to really careful. I also have a broken front tooth, but I can still eat. My shelter mom gets our food from and I didn't even have a sleep sack with me when I got to the shelter, so I would really like to have my own fuzzy, warm sleep sack because I get cold pretty easily. Thanks!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kansas City Ferret Hotline
Our ferrets are scattered through various homes, as we are a mobile shelter. We utilize various high quality dry kibbles, which we buy online and give our ferrets soupies and/or raw. We always appreciate anything that we receive for our ferrets.

Snickers has a Santa.


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