Kena Kena came in to us from St. Louis Mo, her owners drove almost 3 hours to surrender her and her cagemates, Casper and Kimi to us. The young girl that surrendered her had saved her from a lab, as she was actually a ferret used for testing in a lab at a St. Louis, Mo university. The girl who took her home had her awhile, along with 2 other ferrets but due to medical issues and money problem they ended up surrendering them to the shelter. When Kenna arrived she was a very skittish and nervous ferret, having trouble with people picking her up or grabbing her suddenly. Any fast or sudden movement towards her seemed to frighten her. She was nervous and shaky any time people messed with her much. She stayed this way for a few months, but now that she trusts us she is fine with us around her.
Kena does not eat kibble well, preferring and needing to be bottle fed. The bottle feeding is easier on her, and provides cuddle time which she now loves and it also makes sure she actually consumes enough food during the day. If left to eat on her own she tends to not eat much, even soup in a bowl does not do it for her, but offer her cuddle time with a bottle of soup and she eats very well.
She is free roam in the downstairs area where she likes hiding toys and N-bones. She also will eat Bandits treats, she seems to prefer chicken ones, but will eat raisin Bandits too if she is in the mood.

Here is a list of items that the shelter can always use as we go through lots of these:

Carnivore care
Chicken baby food
N-Bones especially bacon & salmon flavors
Uncle Jims Duk soup
Potty pads
Paper towels
Wysong ferret epigen 90
Marshalls Ferret Food
Natural Gold ferret food
Evo cat & kitten chicken food
Nutro Kitten food
Bene-Bac probiotic paste/gel 15g syringe tubes & powder from Fosters and Smith
Sams gift card for papertowels and potty pads
Bandit treats any flavor
Gift cards for Pet Supplies Plus, Wal-Mart and Dr. Foster and Smith
Pickle Juice ferret oil
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Alexandria, MO

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Advanced Veterinary Care
8915 US 36
Hannibal MO USA 63401

Kena has a Santa.


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