Puff Sweet little Puff-girl is a absolute little love. She was transferred from Forget-Me-Not Ferrets in Quincy as it was believed she would benefit from being free roam 24/7 as opposed to being caged during the day. Being free roam keeps her more active and gets her to exercise and makes use her bad leg a lot more.
We named her Puff as she had no name, and it just seemed to fit this lovely, delicate ball of white fluff. She was taken by Petco to a local vet along with several other very ill ferrets. According to one of the volunteers who called me anonymously, they were filthy, sick, dehydrated, and not eating. Several of them, of which Puff was one, were unable to hardly walk at all. On calling I was told these ferrets were turned over to a local pet store and basically none of my business! The clinic would not let me see them or help them at all. After a bunch of calls to both the pet store and the vet office they finally let me in to see the ferrets. I found them in a backroom, 5 ferrets in 2 medium size pet taxis. They were malnourished, dehydrated, lethargic, full of ear mites and overheated due to there being no AC in that room. Considering it was mid-summer in the mid-west it was no wonder they were ill! We provided a cage, litter, hammocks, duck soup, fluids and ear mite meds. Within several days most of the ferrets were in better shape and I was able to get 1 of the ferrets turned over to me, Puff, who was the weakest of the bunch and had a twisted leg, was deemed un-placeable through the pet store and given to me. I took her to the vet, confirmed the ear mites......no one had bothered to treat them..........and had the leg checked. It is an old injury in her hip joint and will not heal, however with food and exercise she is able to use it some, although she often just drags it behind her.
She absolutely loves her daily soupies, and would eat an entire tube of Bene-bac probiotic gel if we let her. She does not care for N-bones, but occasionally eats Bandit treats. She nibbles on hard food, but eats mainly soup, which is a mix of chicken baby food, softened kibble, Carnivore Care, and Uncle Jims Duc Soup. She loves sleeping in furry sleep sacks.

Here is a list of items that the shelter can always use as we go through lots of these:

Carnivore care
Chicken baby food
N-Bones especially bacon & salmon flavors
Uncle Jims Duk soup
Potty pads
Paper towels
Wysong ferret epigen 90
Marshalls Ferret Food
Natural Gold ferret food
Evo cat & kitten chicken food
Nutro Kitten food
Bene-Bac probiotic paste/gel 15g syringe tubes & powder from Fosters and Smith
Sams gift card for papertowels and potty pads
Bandit treats any flavor
Gift cards for Pet Supplies Plus, Wal-Mart and Dr. Foster and Smith
Pickle Juice ferret oil
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Alexandria, MO

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Advanced Veterinary Care
8915 US 36
Hannibal MO USA 63401

Puff has a Santa.


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