Big-Un The adorable boy is Big-Un. Though he is definitely getting older, and he is no longer quite the Big-Un he used to be. He is still a reasonably sized boy with a lovely colored coat of fur. From the very beginning he has never been the largest of ferrets but his name endures. Although as much as he loves the soup that he gets you would think he would be bigger than he is.
He is a calm quiet boy most of the time and he gets along pretty well with the other ferrets. He unfortunately lost one of his original cagemates earlier this year, but he and his sister Bandit are holding up well for older ferrets with the health issues that seem to surround ferrets at their age.
He was actually originally part of a four-some but the 4th ferret had apparently died just days before we arrived, alone and in his cage, without ever seeing a vet. Apparently his illness led them to decide that ferrets were too much trouble so they decided to get rid of them. While quite upset to find that we were only a few days too late to try and help the 4th ferret we were very glad that they found us so we that we could make sure Big-Un and his sisters had the best life possible.
Big-Un's favorite sleep space is under a bedding, no hammocks, just under his dresser. He eats the ferret food mix well and eats an occasional treat but will not touch N-bones at all.

Here is a list of items that the shelter can always use as we go through lots of these:

Carnivore care
Chicken baby food
N-Bones especially bacon & salmon flavors
Uncle Jims Duk soup
Potty pads
Paper towels
Wysong ferret epigen 90
Marshalls Ferret Food
Natural Gold ferret food
Evo cat & kitten chicken food
Nutro Kitten food
Bene-Bac probiotic paste/gel 15g syringe tubes & powder from Fosters and Smith
Sams gift card for papertowels and potty pads
Bandit treats any flavor
Gift cards for Pet Supplies Plus, Wal-Mart and Dr. Foster and Smith
Pickle Juice ferret oil
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Alexandria, MO

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Advanced Veterinary Care
8915 US 36
Hannibal MO USA 63401

Big-Un has a Santa.


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