Phoebe This is Phoebe, one of the sweetest little ladies around. She is very much a loner, never having been around ferrets when she was young, she does not really interact with them much as an older ferret either. Sadly she never really learned to play much. One of the few toys she will play with is a plastic bag which she runs around the house with. We poke a hole through the bag, she sticks her nose through and around and around she goes. She will do this with every bag and for as long as she is allowed to do so. It is so cute to watch her play with it though that she gets to do this pretty often.
Other than her bags, she tends to not really mess with the all the toys, tunnels, etc in the room. The only time she shows interest in toys is occasionally she will nose a ball around for a bit but play is not really something that she seems to do. Though not a toy exactly she does like to dig in the litter pellets, food bowl and treat bowl. Apparently sending the pellets flying is a lot more fun then I think it is.

We don't really know much about her previous life, but somehow I don't think she missed out on much by being turned over to the shelter, she is happy and content in her life now.
She is one of the few ferrets that does not eat treats, but eats our soup mix very well. She especially likes to be bottle fed her soup and the cuddle time is nice for both of us. She has had some blood sugar issues and keeping her to regular filling meals is a must. She sleeps in sleep sacks mostly, choosing the thicker sherpa lined ones even in the summertime. Any items for making soup for Phoebe, (Uncle Jim's Duk Soup Mix, Chicken Baby Food, Carnivore Care, Ensure, etc) would be especially appreciated.

The items we can use most are the everyday items,
Paper towels (we go through tons of these)
baby wipes
sanitizing wipes
laundry soap (again we use a lot with all the bedding)
Treats - N-bones & Bandits
wood stove pellets (or a gift card so I can buy these from Menards
ferret lax for hairballs
chicken & turkey baby food
Carnivore Care
Puppy pads
Any kind of high quality ferret or cat food, we make up a large mix of foods on a regular basis!

Gift cards to, Dr's Foster & Smith, Totally Ferret, Wal-mart, Sams & Menards
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy, IL

Find us on Facebook under Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy IL
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Klingele Vet Clinic
4601 Broadway
Quincy IL USA 62305

Phoebe has a Santa.


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