Ferret Shelter Giving Tree

Terms and Conditions

Registration is open to all Ferret Shelters that have been in operation for at least one year. In order to avoid any abuse, each registration will be verified.

The number of ferrets each shelter may list is based on the total number of ferrets within the shelter.
For shelters with 10 ferrets or fewer, the maximum they can post is the number of ferrets in their care.
For shelters holding between 11 and 30, their maximum is 10 ferrets.
For shelters holding between 31 and 50, the maximum is 15 ferrets.
For shelters with more than 50 ferrets, the maximum is 20.

Shelters listed with the American Ferret Association or Ferret Shelters Directory will be processed without delay.

Shelters not listed with these organizations must provide additional proof via an email to admin@ferretgivingtree.com from a "well known" person in the community, an approved shelter, or their veterinarian.

Shelters must only post Living Shelter Animals on the Giving Tree. Anyone found posting Personal Pets, Imaginary Animals or Animals who were Deceased at the time of posting on the tree will be immediately banned from the tree.

Shelters must advise the Operators of the Giving Tree if an animal crosses the Rainbow Bridge while posted on the tree. If this occurs before the closing date for posting new animals, the Shelter will be allowed to post an additional animal on the tree.

Shelters must complete their registration and posting of ferrets on the tree before the posted deadlines. No exceptions will be made for late arrivals.

The Operators of the Giving Tree reserve the right to change tree features and shelter limits without prior notice, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the tree.

The Operators of the Giving Tree will do their best to respond to all enquiries within two days. Since they are volunteers, there may be circumtstances where the response time will take longer.

The Operators of the Giving Tree will do their best to maintain the information posted on the Giving Tree. Should their be any loss of information for Shelters or Animals, the Shelters will be responsible for resumbitting the information.

If you have questions, please Contact Us.