Kira Hi, I'm Kira. Ruby Jewels sister. You can read about our story on her bio. My shelter mom thinks I look mean in this picture but she just woke me up so I was a little cranky. As she said we are both doing great here now. We are eating really good food, have gained weight and have beautiful coats. Our favorite thing to do is to run and chase each oth​​er around the house. Tubes are our favorite. We both really like this stuff mom has called Pickle Juice. She gets it from a really nice lady​ named Susan Jones​. It's much better for us than Ferretone so​ ​mom stopped using that and only uses Pickle Juice now. We like to both lick it out of the bottle mom keeps it in together and then clean each others faces. We also lick each other while we eat our soup too. Mom says it's really cute.

Since our shelter is moving this year we are asking for minimal bedding and toys and more items of necessity. Thank you

Stella and Chewy's Duck Duck Goose Feline freeze dried raw dinner morsels in the purple bag.
Ferret Nupro
Pickle Juice only please as we're not using ferretone anymore. Please feel free to email me for info.
Clear Marshall's tubes
Petco Ultra Soft Oval Donut Cat Beds 17" L X 14" W
Alpha Trak 2 meter test strips

Gift cards: for our kibble which includes Orijen Regional Red Cat, Acana Grasslands Cat, Nature's Variety Duck and Turkey Cat.

Walmart to use at Sam's Club for paper towels, large pads, laundry detergent, dish soap, vinegar and olive oil.

Aldi for turkey chubs we use in our homemade soup.

Tractor Supply for litter.

Target for our favorite baby wipes

Our Paypal address is

Thank you for considering our shelter. We at Stinky Pete's would like to wish you and your family A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year <3

Please Send Gifts to:
Stinky Pete\'s Ferret Retreat
Our shelter consists of mainly older, sick and previously neglected ferrets; we currently have 44 ferrets in our shelter.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Anne Scholl
Chickasaw Trail Animal Hospital
8555 Curry Ford Road
Orlando Florida USA 32825-8427
Phone number 407-384-8050

Kira has a Santa.


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