The Ferret Giving Tree 2016
South Shore Ferret Care Hospice
We have many hospice ferret this year that this Christmas may be their last. Please help by making a donation to the vet bills or maybe send a little something to let them know you care and they are not forgotten. We are the only \"Family\" they have - God Bless

Daise Josefina - DIM survivor Yoshi - reformed bitey girl Sven - previous owner was beaten to death Elsa - previous owner was beaten to death
Dot Dot - dumped last Christmas Eve Darla - labeled as Tiley - with a hampster tail Addie Zippy - from a drug house
Koda Jake Goober - Mutt Momma's Boy Austin - family moved away Bear - Family moved away

Buttons with Santas indicate Ferrets who have Santas!

We Have 35 Ferrets In Our Care