Wilfred Hi there, I'm Wilfred. I'm a little old man who's been through several homes in my 6 or so years on the planet. I've settled into ferret hospice nicely but I'm still kind of an anxious guy from being moved around so much. Life hasn't always been this cushy for me, as I'm now blind, have insulinoma and adrenal disease. So change freaks me out, but even though I'm shy, I love hosting cuddle parties with my best girlfriends Rue and Smoke in our home together- so I'd love some large snuggle blankets for all of us this cold winter. Being older and a little incontinent, I make lots of cleanup duty here for mom, but she loves us all so much and doesn't mind keeping the place tidy. To help her out, I'd like to ask for some Tide Clean Breeze laundry detergent to help with our never-ending laundry! And she can really use some incontinent pads as we can go through a whole case in just a few weeks- mom can only use the very large size, 30x36in as they need to cover the entire floor of our bedroom. For me, I'd really like some ferretone to help me take my icky meds and some Instinct Mixers (rabbit flavor) just cuz they taste so good! My last very special request, due to my multiple ailments, mom thinks I really need a deslorelin implant so if you could set up to pay for that for me at our vet, I'd be so happy. I know it's a lot, but I'm a special boy and deserve a happy Christmas here in hospice. Thanks!
Please Send Gifts to:
Heart Of Ohio Ferret Association And Rescue
Please send gifts to:
c/o Pat Highley, Shelter Director
5519 Columbus Rd
Centerburg, OH 43011
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic

Columbus OH USA

Wilfred has a Santa.


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